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Climber on Point Lachenal Chamonix

Climber on Point Lachenal Chamonix
DMM ProwireDMM Prowire

At 36 grams the Dmm Pro wire is still considered super light weight.This is the predecessor to the current Spectre carabiner. Still our most poplur wire gate for those wanting to cut the weeight of thier rack but still keep the cost down.

The custom wire gate is curved to give a constant tension for ease of clipping and increased long-term safety. The tip of the wire is also bent so that it pulls into the nose when loaded in order to minimise the chance of the biner being loaded in the gate open position.

The nose is shrouded to minimise the chance of the gate being opened accidentally and the biner incorporates a rope groove so that loads are pulled into the spine of the biner.

Weight 36 grams.
Strength (Gate closed) 24KN
Strength (Gate open) 8KN
Strength (Minor axis) 8KN

Price: £6.00


Dmm PhantomDmm Phantom
The Phantom is not only the lightest carabiner in the world, but DMM have also kept it large enough to be functional and made it super safe with 3 sigma 23kn gate closed and 9kn gate open strenths.

The Phantom moves I beam technology to the next level by using a new alloy and a new gate material that shaves off the extra grammes whilst allowing us to maintain strengths.

All the standard DMM characteristics are present: customised wire gate that pulls into the nose under load , rope groove, anodised finish and the 'even tension'

Price: £7.20


Dmm SpectreDmm Spectre
This is Dmm's new lightest weight Krab , weighing 2 grams less than the prowire but with a stronger open gate strength.The new I Beam construction shaves of the extra grams to make this a truely ultra light Krab for anything from trad/sport to alpine use.

Weight :34 grams

Strength(Gate closed): 24KN
Strength(Gate open) : 10KN
Strength(minor axis) : 8KN

Price: £7.50


Dmm ShieldDmm Shield
The Shield is Dmm's replacement for the wirelock. It's 6 grams ligher than the wirelock but with the same strength.The new I beam construction shave of those extra grams and the new slimmer nose helps to prevent snagging on your gear. Another excellent advancement in design by Dmm for anything from trad/sport to alpine use.
Weight :34 grams
Strength(Gate closed): 24KN
Strength(Gate open) : 10KN
Strength(minor axis) : 9KN
Price: £7.90


Dmm RevolverDmm Revolver
The Revolver carabiner is the first carabiner ever, specifically designed to reduce rope drag/friction and hence make the climbers life significantly easier. In laymans terms, by incorporating a roller in the Revolver Dmm have utilised rolling friction, rather than sliding friction created by standard Krabs. This has the immediate effect of reducing rope drag by between 40-47%, assuming a dynamic belay is used. The benefits increase as more load (eg number of runners, length of rope out , change of direction) is applied to the rope. It also reduces impact on the top runner without extra force being felt by the belayer.

Weight : 44 grams

Strength (gate closed) 24KN
Strength (gate open) 9KN
Strength (minor axis) 7KN
Price: £14.50


Dmm Phantom Screw GateDmm Phantom Screw Gate

The Phantom weighs 41.5g and is the lightest keylock screwgate biner in the world.It also is very functional and very strong witha gate open size of 16mm. Dmm have acheived this by using the same special alloy that we use on the Phantom wiregates and using their knowledge of forging /heat treating aluminium.

All the standard DMM features are present - smooth steep internal radiuses to minimise the chances of the carabiner hanging up or of the carabiner being loaded badly, fully anodised finish and an internal rope groove.

Weight: 41.5grams
Strength ( Gate closed) 23KN
Strength (Gate open) 9KN
Strength ( Minor axis) 9KN

Price: £10.95


DMM Shadow ScrewgateDMM Shadow Screwgate

The Shadow is an incredibly lightweight offset D shaped screwgate ideal for rigging belays. DMM extended the top bar of the Shadow to allow the carabiner to have more room for knots and slings making it more user friendly at complicated belays.The shadow has a keylock nose and is fully anodised for long term protection against the elements. The gate/barrel/nose intersection is designed and manufactured so that the barrel will not jam shut in the closed position if the carabiner is tightened under load.

Weight 51grams
Strength(Gate Closed) 24KN
Strength (Gate open) 9KN
Strength(Minor Axis) 7KN
Price: £10.00


Dmm TRUSCREW Screwgate Dmm TRUSCREW Screwgate
A standard screwgate crab with superb Dmm quality.
Strength(gate closed)25kn
Strength (gate open)9kn
Strength (minor axis) 7kn
Gate opening 20mm

Weight : 56 grams
Price: £8.50


Dmm Zodiac 11mm Dmm Zodiac 11mm
Super strong krab perfect for tying into multi point belays (cordette system) mini Hms works superbly with Dmm bug and other belay devices. Decent gate size also makes the Sentinel a practical krab for more than one person to clip into at belays. Using I Beam construction to keep weight to a minimum means this krab weighs about the same or lighter than most snapgates.

Weight: 50 grams

Strength(gate closed) : 24KN
Strength(gate open) : 8KN
Strength(minor axis) : 7KN

Price: £10.50


Dmm Sentinel Dmm Sentinel
Ultralight HMS suitable for use with Dmm Bug and most other belay devices.The Sentinels gate is wide enough for more than one person to clove hitch into at belays(18mil gate opening), and through the I Beam construction the crab is seriously strong in the critical areas.This is done by hot forging which pushes strength to key areas while keeping weight to a minimum.

Weight: 48grams !!

Strength(gate closed) 24KN
Strength(gate open) 7KN
Strength(minor axis) 8KN
Price: £10.00


Dmm FatboyDmm Fatboy
Classic Hms style Karabiner, ideal for use with all belay devices. Also because of the wide gate opening the fatboy is particularly useful when setting up complicated belays.
Price: £10.90


This carabiner can be used with any belay device.It features a durable plastic cross clip which eliminates cross loading when belaying your partner.

Weight 100grams
Price: £14.00


Dmm BOA screwgate Dmm BOA screwgate
A large screwgate crab with a huge 24mm gate opening.
Strength (gate closed)25kn
Strength (gate open)7kn
Strength (minor axis)12kn

Weight 88grams
Price: £12.50


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