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Lifesystems Mountain Survival Strobe Lifesystems Mountain Survival Strobe

Lightweight survival strobe for catching attention in emergency situations made with durable, high-impact case

60-70 flashes per minute (up to 16 hours)
Up to 60 hours battery life
Waterproof to 5 metres
Visible from up to 3 miles (in clear conditions)
Requires 1x LR20 D-Cell Battery (not included)
Can be attached to a belt, backpack or jacket


Price:   £28.00


Lifesystems Mountain Survival Whistle Lifesystems Mountain Survival Whistle

Lightweight alloy whistle.Recommended by the Mountain Leader Training Board as an essential item to be carried in the hills. The international distress signal is 6 blasts of a whistle. 100 decibels loud. Random colours.

Price:   £2.00


Fox 40 Whistle Fox 40 Whistle

The Fox 40 whistle is the loudest on the market and the preferred whistle for mountaineering. There are no moving parts to break or freeze and it comes in bright orange so is easy to find. It makes 115 decibels of noise so its best not to blow it in someones ears! 

Price:   £6.00


Paramo Travel Towel Paramo Travel Towel

The best ultra-light travel towel around ! They absorb moisture away from the skin, are low bulk and easy to wash and because they dry rapidly they can be used a considerable amount of times before they get pongy.
Available in 2 sizes and comes with mesh bag. Random colours. Please state if you would like specific colour.

Weight: Medium 156grams / Large 254 grams. 


Price and size

Light My Fire 'Swedish Fire Steel'  (Scout) Light My Fire 'Swedish Fire Steel' (Scout)

Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defence, the Fire Steel's 3,000 degree Celcius spark makes fire building easier. Used by a number of armies around the world, the Swedish Fire Steels dependability has already made it a favourite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers. It has also found its way into backyards as a fool-proof way of lighting stoves and barbecues.

Comes in two sizes. The Scout (small) and the Army (large) 



Light My Fire Maya Dust Light My Fire Maya Dust

MayaDust is shavings from Mayasticks packed in a convenient waterproof container that is easy to carry in your pocket or rucksac. It gives maximum heat energy for minimum weight.They are completely natural and produce an extremely hot flame. Use Mayadust together with The swedish Fire Steelto light your fire with ease. 

Price:   £3.00


'Rite in the Rain' Waterproof Notepad 'Rite in the Rain' Waterproof Notepad

Waterproof notepad which can be used with pencil and most pens.The pad comes with lined paper.

Size: 77mm x 230

Price:   £4.95


Survival Kit Survival Kit

Contents include: Tin (cooking pot, drinking cup), Handle, Lid with Heliograph, Miniature plastic Compass, Hacksaw Blade with sharpened end, Wire saw, Wind and waterproof matches with striker, Flint and steel, Candle, Cotton wool, Potassium Permanganate, Water carrier, Snare, Fish hooks(3), 10 metre fishing line, Single edge razor blade (2), Adhesive dressings (various), Safety Pins, Needle, Thread, Dioralyte sachets, Puritabs, Survival Aide memoire, Instructions, Emergency Message Form (Last 3 items on waterproof paper), Pencil, Masking Tape, Label on front of tin maybe used as waterproof patch.

Tin dimensions: 110mm x 80mm x 28mm

Price:   £29.00