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MSR Whisperlite International MSR Whisperlite International

A lightweight Reliable and quick burning stove ideal for anything from mountaineering to backpacking. Made from stainlees steel, lightweight aluminium and brass to keep the weight to a low yet make it sturdy enough for constant use. The Whisperlite is most efficient when run on White gas (Coleman fuel) although it can also be run on Petrol or Kerosene (Parafin). Please note that using ordinary Pertrol or Parafin will mean that more regular cleaning of the jet and cable will be required.

This Stove also features the MSR self-cleaning jet system (shaker jet) which will dislodge residue with a simple shake.

Also comes with wind shield and heat reflector for improved efficience and small bag to pack to stove away into.

Weight 400grams

Fuel bottles are not included. (see bottom of page)
Price: £70.00


MSR Dragon Fly MSR Dragon Fly

This stove will run on most fuels including Petrol , Parafin , Diesil and white gas (Coleman fuel) The Dragon fly comes with a fully adjustable flame so you can simmer a delicate sauce or get a blowtorch effect for melting snow. Its made from stainlees steel, aluminium, brass and copper and will fold up to a third of it's open size.

Also comes with MSR self-cleaning jet system (shaker jet) which will dislodge residue with a simple shake of the wrist.

Lightweight aluminium wind shield and heat reflector for improved efficiency.

Weight : 487 grams.

Fuel bottle not included. (see bottom of page)

Price: £112.00


Primus Himalaya Multi-fuel stove Primus Himalaya Multi-fuel stove

This highly adaptable stove can run of self-sealing gas cartridges (ie primus, coleman, karrimor gas) or liquid fuels such as petrol or kerosene(paraffin). An aluminium fuel bottle is needed for the liquid fuels. It comes equiped with a preheating system for extreme temperatures. Turning the fuel bottle over turns the stove off and bleeds the fuel line.

Boils 1 litre of water in 3.5 to 4.5 minutes.

Weight : 428grams

Fuel bottle not encluded. (see bottom of page)

Price: £85.00


Primus Omni-Fuel stove Primus Omni-Fuel stove

A unique stove which uses virtually any fuel : self sealing gas cartridges, white gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene(paraffin) and jet fuel (if you can get your hands on it!) The new burner has a preheating system that saves fuel and minimizes priming time.The control valve allows the flame to be fully adjusted so you can simmer or incinerate your meal.Turning the liquid fuel bottle upside down turns off stove and bleeds the fuel line.
Comes with a new multi-tool and a new carry bag in nylon/neoprene with a zipped tool pocket.

Boils 1 litre of water in 3 minutes

Weight : 464grams

Price: £110.00


Primus GravityPrimus Gravity

The lightweight stove has a low profile making it very stable and easier to shield from the wind The leg supports fold away under the base so the stove is more compact for storage. It runs on paraffin, petrol or even screw on gas canisters making it very adaptable for different situations. Thanks to the location of the preheating coil, preheating is even faster. Also comes with push button ignition, an ErgoPump, multi-tool, and wind shield.

600 ml fuel bottle included.
More Info
Price: £88.00


MSR Annual Maintenance KitMSR Annual Maintenance Kit

This simple kit allows you to easily perform annual maintenance on any MSR liquid-fuel stove and stove pump
Includes o-rings, jet & cable tool and lubricant for preventative maintenance.
Handy carrying case

Weight 32 grams

Price: £12.95


MSR Expedition Service KitsMSR Expedition Service Kits
Intended for people going on extended trips, the Expedition Service Kit is a comprehensive maintenance and repair kit for your liquid-fuel stove and pump.There is a different kit each type of stove.
Price: £22.95



MSR Fuel BottlesMSR Fuel Bottles

Designed to work with the threaded pumps on your MSR stoves.

Air-tight seal allows fuel to be stored longer by preventing air from entering and degrading fuel
Made from single-piece, impact-extruded aluminum to prevent leaks and cracks. Bolstered shoulder and base to resist bulging when pressurized.

Comes in three sizes
11oz, 325ml, 79 grams
22oz, 650ml, 139 grams
33oz, 975ml, 207 grams



Primus Fuel BottlePrimus Fuel Bottle

These Ultralight Fuel Bottles are made of seamless extruded aluminium . The connection threads are standard and are suitable for OmniFuel, Multifuel Gravity, and VariFuel as well as most common pump stoves that burn liquid fuels.

Comes in 2 sizes
600ml - 118grams
1 litre - 166 grams



Mountaineering Shop > Cooking > Stoves > Multi Fuel

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