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Kahtoola Mini SpikesKahtoola Mini Spikes

Kahtoola’s MICROspikes are a pocket-sized traction system that allow anyone, of any age, to get out and safely enjoy winter. These slip-on spikes dig into all types of terrain ice, packed snow, wet rocks, concrete, and scree. Extremely durable, they attach securely to your footwear and require no special buckles or straps.
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Price: £40.00



Grivel SpiderGrivel Spider

Another unusual innovation from Grivel. The spider can be used on normal shoes for getting around icey streets in winter or for attaching to boots for a bit of added security on the odd patch of hard snow found on the hill. Please note that the spider is NOT for even remotely steep snow slopes and should only be used on virtually flat terrain.
Price: £28.00


Kahtoola KTS CramponKahtoola KTS Crampon

These are super flexable crampons for winter walking and hillwalking. They will fit on more flexable footwear than other crampons on the market. The flexable nature of the KTS allows these crampons to be used on anything from fell running shoes and approach shoes to summer boots.These are not designed for steep mountaineering terrain but are best used on gentle snow slopes.
The following is what Kahtoola have to say about the KTS Crampon
'For sure footing on ice and snow, Kahtoola’s flexible KTS crampons fit over your trail running shoes, hiking boots, and snowboarding and ski boots using straps and quick-release buckles. They're made from the strongest aluminum alloy and chromoly steel for maximum durability and minimum weight.'


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Price: £80.00


Grivel Monte Rosa 'New classic'Grivel Monte Rosa 'New classic'

The Monte Rosa is a lightweight 10 point C1 crampon suitable for winter hillwalking. The 3-Dimensional Relief Stamped (3DRS) front two points increase torsional rigidity and the thermo-plastic cradles and single strap system make them easy to fit. They also come with a 'flexi' extender bar which allows the crampon to flex and move with less than fully ridgid boots.The extender bar is adjustable without the need for a spanner. The Monte Rosa also comes with Grivels clever anti-ball plate system which actively keeps snow from building up on the underside of your crampon
Price: £79.00


Grivel G10 Grivel G10 "FLEX" Crampon

A 10 point crampon designed for general mountaineering and winter hillwalking . The G10 now comes with the new "flex" bar which enables it to fit on boots with a slightly more flexable sole as well as still fitting rigid boots.(PLEASE NOTE CRAMPONS SHOULD NOT BE WORN ON A FULLY FLEXABLE "SUMMER" BOOT)
Fully adjustable without tools and compact when folded , the G10 "flex" is our most popular hillwalking crampon.(Anti-balling plates are included)

Crampon type :C1

Weight :820grams one size

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Price: £104.00


Grivel G12 New matic Crampon Grivel G12 New matic Crampon

A classic 12 point crampon for general mountaineering , mixed climbing and easier ice routes. The four points that are at right angles to the crampon rails , prevent shearing in soft snow and improve security while descending (facing outwards).The New Matic binding combined with the heel clip is fast and easy to fit aswell as being suitable for a huge range of 4 season boots .(Especially Scarpa Manta boots) .They fold down to a compact size for carrying and One size fits all.(Comes with anti-balling plates)

Crampon Type : C2

Weight : 950 grams per pair

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Price: £130.00


Grivel AirTech CramponGrivel AirTech Crampon

A truely multi-purpose crampon from the masters of innovation. The Airtech has shorter points than most crampons with the third pair of points shorter and set wider apart, this gives more security while traversing snow slopes as more points stay in contact with the slope. On top of this the last 2 front points have a double angulation to maintain better grip while desending.

The Airtech's also excel on mixed ground and difficult buttress routes as the short points cut down leaverage and enhance balance. Although not an ice crampon they are fine for easier gully lines and moderately steep ice routes. At only 888grams they will also appeal to weight conscious alpinists and people heading to the greater ranges.

Comes with plastic toe bale at the front and heel clip at the back ( Newmatic binding)
Grivel GSB binding is also available.

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Price: £119.00


Grivel Air Tech LightGrivel Air Tech Light
The combination of extremely strong and sophisticated materials, together with Grivel’s advanced technology lie behind the realisation of this crampon, which leaves all the other models on the market far behind. Ten points in contact with ice while you’re walking and twelve that bite into the slope during traverses. The last two front points are Bi-angular to maintain bite when descending or traversing sideways. Even the soles of the most modern boots are perfectly covered.

Designed for ski touring, competitive ski mountaineering, classical mountaineering routes and for high altitude or distant expeditions where weight is the determining factor. The model comes with the Flex bar, which allows the foot free movement without over stressing the crampon.

New Classic binding system with bi-component strap giving maximum strength and maximum adherence.


Large Image
Price: £130.00


Petzl Charlet VASAK crampon Petzl Charlet VASAK crampon

These 12 point crampons are designed for mountaineering , glacier travel and ice/mixed climbing. They are lightweight and feature horizontal front points with a thin profile for good penitration into ice. The secondary points are at an aggressive angle for extra grip on snow and ice. (Comes with anti-balling plates)
We stock 2 types of bindings LEVERLOCK (standard heel clip) or SIDELOCK (see picture)

Crampon Type : C3

Weight : 850 grams approx (depending on binding)

Price: £115.00


Black Diamond SABRETOOTH cramponBlack Diamond SABRETOOTH crampon

From steep ice to glacier travel and winter mountaineering ,this crampon is equally at home in any of these situations.The secondary (split) points give extra security on steep terrian but are not too aggressive as to hinder walking. The horizontal rails also minimize snow-balling.

Crampon Type C2/C3

Weight : 1060grams
Price: £94.00


Mountaineering Shop > Climbing Gear > Crampons > Walking and Mountaineering

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